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Updated  11/0887/2019,  10:10 a.m.

Helping at Rides


Helpers are needed at rides. Please contact organisers directly.


Please also remember that all members need to volunteer to help at a ride at least once in a season in order to be eligible for Durham & Teesside Group Accumulative Distance Rosettes and Group Trophies.


Many thanks,



Group Chair & Trophy Secretary

Durham & Teesside Group

Proposed Rides 2019

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All subject to confirmation and weather dependent

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Raby Ride   18th August, 2019


Will anyone who is thinking of putting in a late entry for this ride PLEASE contact Christine Hogarth, Ride Organiser, before they do so. Contact details are on the ride schedule.


Thank you,


Karen Fairbairn,


Group Chair and Trophy Secretary.